Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plugging Along

We are still plugging along in the epic battle to get the baby's room ready before May!

On Saturday, Steve helped me move out all the toys from what was once the playroom and store them in the garage. We also went through the garage and got out all the baby stuff and put it in one place, ready to be washed and put back in the game. I got a little teary looking at the bare room, but I know it won't be long before it is filled back up with baby gear! (not to mention that pregnancy hormones make me VERY weepy, so I don't really put much stock in my tears anymore!)
I have also gone through and organized the closet. There are still a few things on the top shelf that I need Steve to get down for me, but I have gone through all the toys, boxes of clothes, stacks of blankets, and drawers of bedding. The bigger clothes are folded and packed back away in boxes, ready to be brought out as needed. The clothes and bedding and stuffed animals that we'll want to use right away are currently sitting on the floor of my bedroom waiting to be washed. Yikes... this pile just keeps growing!
We're getting there. Thank the Lord!

In other news, for those far-away friends and family who are not on facebook, Nathan had an exciting event in his young life this week. He lost his 5th tooth at church on Sunday! He's now in that all-too-cute-missing-my-2-front-teeth stage.

Absolute cuteness, right?


Erin Welch said...

What a fantastic photo of Nathan! He is too adorable!

Good luck with the baby prep--it will come together. :)

K.R Paranga said...

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