Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life 180

We have a Saturday night service at our church called Life 180. We do it once a month, the first Saturday night of the month, and we've been doing it since October. It's a contemporary service, with worship lead by Steve and the praise band, cookies and coffee, casual dress, and lots of fellowship time. We have it in the gym, and it's been very well attended and well received over the past few months. It takes a ton of work to get it set up each month, but it's so worth it! I thought I would share some pictures of just a few of the people who help out with Life 180 each month.

Marla and Jeff making cookies. Many
people help out in the kitchen, baking cookies and making coffee and other drinks, then cleaning up afterward. It's a big job!

Alex, who plays guitar in the praise band. He's away at college but comes home every time we do a Life 180 service. He often comes early to help set up the instruments and rehearse the music with Steve. This is Dennis, the bass player in the praise band. He is also really good with sound systems, and helps Steve get all the wires and plugs and switches set up the right way. It takes a lot of equipment to pull this service off!

Steve does so much at Life 180, but it is really a labor of love. He picks the music, rehearses the praise band, plays electric guitar (which he loves!), sets up all the instruments and sound system, and then tears it all down after the service and resets everything up for Sunday morning. He is blessed to have wonderful people who are always willing to help him out every step of the way. He really does an amazing job leading us in worship at Life 180!

It's hard to see him in the this picture, but here is Pastor Jay teaching us from the Bible at Life 180. Jay also puts in lots of work setting things up beforehand and he hand-made many of the decorative aspects used in the service.

Oh, and who is this guy? He's NOT the drummer in the praise band... but he's our number one fan!

If you are ever around Cameron the first Saturday night of the month, please join us for Life 180 at 7:00 in the gym. I promise you will be blessed!

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Official Observer said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Part of the fun is fellowship before and after as well. People grow together as they work together to accomplish something fantastic.