Friday, February 27, 2009

Hello again

The cardinals came back today. It's been a couple weeks since I had seen them, but I knew they were around. Nathan and I made some homemade bird feeders today to entice them to stay. We used Fruit Loops... cause who doesn't like a fun, fruity O?

February has been a fun, busy month. Nathan started basketball, which he loves! He went with his friends Brett and Haily to gymnastics one night. We had a couple fun family trips to Crown Center and to Monkey Buziness (a fun indoor playground in Olatha, KS). We visited with grandparents and uncles and aunts and cousins too. Honestly, we've just really enjoyed our time together this month.

Last night at the mall in Olatha, we came upon a wishing well. Steve gave Nathan some change to make a wish, and Nathan said, with no hesitation at all, "I wish for a baby!" Then he threw two pennies in at the same time... and informed us that he did that because he wanted two babies. I feel with all my heart that we are on the brink of something. I wonder what God has in store?

Here are some pictures from Crown Center of the cutest little red-headed 4-year-old drummer around!

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rachel said...

Are you loving the new camera? It seems like you've broken it in well! We love you guys.