Friday, March 07, 2008

Guys Night Out!

Yesterday, Nathan finally managed to put some... ahem... #2 in the potty! (This has been a very long time coming, and I don't think he's totally comfortable with it yet, but progress is being made!) So, to celebrate, Steve took Nathan to Chuck E Cheese. And since I was going to Bunco at Sheri's house that night, they invited Casey to go with them. It was Guy's Night Out!

~They played games:

~And Casey impressed the other children with his amazing ability to withstand large levels of electric shocks:
~Nathan felt so proud and special:
1 large pizza, 3 drinks, 40 tokens, 150 earned tickets, and 3 hours later... three tired but happy guys started home. Nathan wasn't the only one who had a blast at Chuck E Cheese!


Lila said...

Some "pastors", I mean, people will go to great lengths just to visit Chuck...I'm surprised the third "amigo" didn't find a way to be there, too. I'm sure there had to be a Starbucks close by, right?


I sure love you...

Suzy Rowell said...

Hey Grace! We owe Emily a trip to Chuck E. Cheese for the same thing!!! Isn't that crazy?! Makes me feel a little closer to you somehow. We'll all be making the trip to "THE RODENT" (our affectionate code word) in a little over a week.