Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A not-so-typical day

Yesterday was an interesting day. It started with Nathan's preschool screening. Since he's over 3, Steve and I were not allowed back in the "testing rooms" with him this year, and I was a bit nervous about that. I mean, I could just see him turning everything they gave him into a drum or something. But he did fine. Yes, he DID use the pencils as drumsticks, but only AFTER he had drawn the pictures they asked him too. So it's all good. He scored 100% on his Brigance Preschool Screening, and charmed the socks off of all the teachers. Most importantly, at least to me, was that he has "very healthy eardrums." Look... when your kid drums as much as Nathan does, you have some cause for concern!

That night, I went with Lila to Water Aerobics. During the class, I started getting a bad headache, but I just figured that was because I had been sick. After class, some of us sat in the hot tub for a little while, but I started feeling very dizzy. I figured the tub was just too hot, so I started to get out. I stood there looking at the steps and I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to get out of the hot tub. That's when I noticed that everyone seemed dizzy and sick and just off-balance. We all sat down and tried to gather our wits, but it wasn't getting any better. As soon as we left the pool area, the air seemed to clear some. But I still felt so dizzy, my head was pounding, and my heart was racing. It turns out there was a carbon monoxide leak in the pool area during our class! It was crazy!

So today I went to the ER just to get checked out. My carbon monoxide levels were back to normal and my chest X-Ray looked fine. I AM OK! But it was wild there for awhile. I can't get over how quickly it affected all of us in the class. I'm very thankful none of us passed out, since we were in the water and all. It could have been so much worse than it was.

Thanks M, for watching Nathan!

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Nancy said...

There's going to be alot of teachers running around without socks before he gets through Parkview. We are so happy there wasn't longlasting effects of the incident. It's a good lesson to make sure to have detectors in the house. You can see how quickly it could happen with devestating consequences if people are sleeping. Praise the Lord you are all fine.