Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tex Mex

Before we went to Texas, one thing we heard over and over again is that we needed to eat some real Tex Mex while we were there. When we visited the Woosters, they agreed with this assessment, so they took us out for Tex Mex. I think Steve was a bit overwhelmed at the mass of chicken chimichanga on his plate, though he shared the love a bit by giving us all a taste. We had a great night of good food and sweet fellowship. Thanks, Woosters!


James W said...

Nothing better than real Mexican food!! El Maguay will never be the same after having good Mexican food.

Polly said...

now james, don't ruin it for us that only have one choice!!!!! but there really is NOTHING else like it in the world!

Lanny said...

Hey Steve and Grace, by any chance did you try the hot peppers? I am not sure how hot the Mexican ones are (I'm NOT going to try one). but the Romanian ones are brutal. FYI, the heat is in the oil, not the seeds!