Monday, April 30, 2007

Adventures in Missouri Town... 1855-Style!

We took Nathan to Missouri Town 1855 in Blue Springs. It was really interesting to see the old buildings that had been set up, along with all the "extras" like fire pits, plows, and wagons that littered the landscape. There were even some volunteers there that day dressed up in pioneer garb.

Nathan enjoyed going to school in a one-room schoolhouse, complete with an 1850s schoolmarm. She was dressed up and had a whole presentation on what school days were like for children during the 1800s. She let Nathan try his hand writing on a slate with a slate-pencil, which was like a thin piece of metal that you scratched the slate with.

When we came upon this old, rusty plow out in a field, Nathan tried his hand at plowing. Steve talked with him about how pioneers plowed their fields and grew crops for their food and all that interesting historical stuff.
Of course, Nathan being the imaginative kid that he is, he decided to find his own use for the turning the handle into a microphone! While we were in the church building, he kept asking where the microphones were. Hmmm... so much for the history lesson!


Lanny said...

Grace, looks like you all had a great time at MO Town. I was there several years ago with a fourth grade class...I thought it was "neat." Nate looked like he was having a great time. Did the have the big bull and buffalo on display? They were wso huge and impressive in their mere size!

Smurph said...

I am sure he did at some point but when were the drums played?? lol Love ya, thanks for praying for me.

Nancy said...

I cannot wait to see what God has instore for this young man. Talent, brains, and oh yes "looks".
Seriously, you know how we feel about all of you. Your family is very special to Jeff and I.

Grace said...

No bull or buffalo on display that I could see, Lanny, but there was still so much to see!

And yes, Smurph, he did play drums. On the fence surronding the sheep pen. Go figure!

We love you guys too, Nance!