Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Circus!

A few weeks ago, some friends gave us tickets to the circus in St. Joe. (THANK YOU!) We took Nathan, and he had a great time! At first, the crowds and the noise made him a bit nervous, and he sat back on Steve's lap and just took it all in. But once the real acts started, he was enthralled. His eyes got wide and he leaned forward, just trying to take it all in.
At intermission, there were elephant and pony rides going on down on the circus floor. Steve took Nathan down to get a closer look. When they came back up, Nathan started playing drums on the empty seats around us. (Is anyone surprised by that?) He was so enthusiastic in his playing that the people sitting around us started noticing. They were laughing and egging him on, and telling us what a talented boy we had. I guess he was the intermission show for those people in our section!
Once the circus started again, he sat back down to enjoy some nachos, but he soon got distracted by the first act. It was a family of... wait for it... DRUMMERS! He paused with a cheesy chip halfway to his mouth and just stared at those drummers. When they were finished with their performance, he clapped his hands like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say, that was his favorite part of the circus! What a fun night we had!


Mel D in KC said...

Sounds and looks like you all had great fun! It reminds me of the time I took Grant to the circus for the 1st time. What fun to enjoy such things through the life of a child!

Lanny said...

Grace, wait until he comes to my too is a circus at times. The only thing is I don't have are dwums. Glad you had a good time, thank goodness he takes after this father (lol).