Friday, May 04, 2007

Are You Happy?

Last night, Steve and I watched "The Pursuit of Happyness", the Will Smith movie about the single father who went from homelessness to being a multi-millionaire. The movie was very hard to watch in a lot of ways, just because it was depressing to watch this father struggle so much, and just to see the despair on his face when he couldn't provide better for his son. Yes, it ended well. But to me, it wasn't really about being rich in the end. It was about the never-give-up spirit of this man, and the love for his son which drove him on.
Anyway, after watching this movie, I was humbled again about how blessed I am... and how selfish I can be as well. I confessed the way I let myself be discontent or even envious of what others have at times. I felt like I was seeing through a new set of eyes in some ways, and that I was truly grateful for what the Lord had blessed me with. And I felt happy... happy in a way that went far beyond material possessions or security or whatever. I felt happy because I knew that God was enough for me, and that He will be my portion each and every day.
This morning, God sent me a reminder of that truth in a very profound way. I usually wake up to Nathan's face inches from mine, saying something along the lines of, "I'm up, Mommy!" or "Are you awake, Mommy?" But today, my little boy woke me up with these words: "Are you happy, Mommy?"
I just had to smile.
I am happy.
Thanks for the reminder, God!


The Wakes said...

God is good all the time...and thank God that he reminds us to be thankful of what He has given us. Many times we realize after someone or something is gone that we didn't appreciate what we had to start with. God has truly blessed you with a spunky, intelligent little red-head who is as blessed to have such wonderful, Godly parents. You are all three a blessing to our family and church family, and we are grateful our paths have crossed. To quote Brother Jay, it's great to have you as friends as "we do life together."

Polly said...

Whew, what a night! Don't you just love it when God teaches us something and we get it! Love you Gracie!