Monday, July 11, 2011

My birthday gift!

My birthday gift arrived in the mail this weekend and I am so excited about it! I don't usually order "fancy" things for myself, but we figured since I was turning 35 we could splurge a little!

Most of you know that we struggled with infertility. I was told when I was younger that I may never be able to have children. So both of our boys are true miracles. After having Caleb, I wanted to get a piece of jewelry to honor my children, but also to remind me of God's blessing in giving them to me. Which led me to Melody at Hope of my Heart Designs. She also has gone through infertility, and she not only makes Mother's jewelry, but also jewelry for infertility, infant loss, adoption, etc. I really liked her designs and her sensitivity to the journey so many of us (including her!) find ourselves on. Check out her website here, she's very talented!

The bracelet I ordered is called the "Answered Prayer" Mother's bracelet. It has both of my boys names and birthstones, and is clasped together with a heart charm. These two little boys are the answers of so many prayers lifted up by us and by others on our behalf, and I love having a tangible, beautiful reminder of this every time I glance down at my wrist.


Anonymous said...

Grace, I love the new bracelet! I believe that will be a beautiful way to remind you both of your precious miracles. God does listen and grant our prayers. He knows that you and Steve make wonderful parents. God bless you both! Just remember to stop and enjoy the little things because they grow so fast. Love, Adrienne

rachel said...

Beautiful choice! And happy belated birthday!!!