Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting Organized

I was beginning to think it would never happen. I have just been so tired, and so unmotivated, I was starting to think the nursery would NEVER get worked on. But this week, I've had some energy and motivation, so I've actually started doing something to get the room ready for this baby!

The baby's room is currently a playroom, so it's going to take some reorganizing and rearranging to get it ready to go. But since the "big work" (doors and paint) can't really take place until the room is a bit more cleaned out, I knew I needed
to get on the ball.

It's hard to get on the ball when you're so tired all the time.
But over the past few days, I have impressed myself. I started by going through all the old baby clothes we had stored, as well as those hand-me-downs that have been given to us by friends. Then I sorted them by age. These are the Newborn-3 month clothes.

They are waiting to be washed lovingly in Dreft and put in the changing table drawers.

These are the 3- 18 months clothes.

I have repacked them away in the closet in the baby's room, so as he grows out of the first batch, I have the next batch ready to wash and use.

Today, I'm hoping to go through some of the old toys stored in the closet. My plan is to do that when Nathan isn't around so I can hopefully get rid of some of the junkier toys. You know... the ones that come in McDonald's Happy Meals, or the ones with broken pieces that he still just loves, etc. The rest will either be stored in the garage until baby grows into them, or if they are baby-appropriate I will leave them in the baby's room for him to enjoy.

Whew! It's a lot of work! But we hope to buy paint on Friday so we can get going on that, which means I need to keep working to get us ready! It feels really good to finally be DOING something!

(And to know that I can give myself a break when I need it!)

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