Monday, November 29, 2010

You and Me

This is me and my husband.

Well... not really.

We're not actually hippies, though we were lovingly portrayed as such in clay by a dear college friend many years ago. (These handmade ornaments were given to us as a wedding present back in 1998! I especially like Steve's low-cut shirt and over-sized belt buckle... but I'm sure that's just me!)

But these little cuties that hang in a place of honor on our tree every year do remind me of me and my husband, and of all the things we have been through together over the years.

On our wedding day, I had just turned 22, and he was 21. We were still such babies in so many ways! But we knew God had brought us together, and that He wanted us to be husband and wife.

When we got married, we had already been serving together in ministry for 2 years, as both a dating couple, and then as an engaged couple. 12 1/2 years after our wedding, we're still serving together, partners in the ministry God has called us to.

We've experienced some mountain-top, in-your-face miracles of God... not the least of which is our amazing son and our son or daughter currently growing inside me. When you have infertility issues, you don't take these blessing for granted.

We've also walked through some very dark times, together. Always together. I remember when I broke both my legs. Steve was so hands-on and helpful that the nurses wrote in my file that I have an amazing husband who is a wonderful support to me. And it's true! That poor man had a pregnant, hormonal, crippled wife on his hands... and he loved me through it. We came out stronger on the other side.

So here's to us, honey! Not on an anniversary or other special day, but on just a regular, normal Thursday in the month of December. I don't just love and appreciate you on the big days... I think I love and appreciate you all the more on the "just a day" days.

You are my "once-in-a-lifetime, for-all-time" love, the other pea in my pod, and the one I want to walk hand-in-hand through life with. I love you. Thanks for loving me back!

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