Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The One We've Been Waiting For

A couple months ago, I posted about some bad news that I had gotten from my doctor. I didn't go into details then... but I'm ready to now. Because our mourning has truly turned into dancing, and I want to give God all the glory for it!

In mid-August, I went in to see my Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) to see if my second cycle on the fertility drug femara had been successful. The first cycle everything had looked perfect: I grew a lead follicle of 29 mm (they want to see at least an 18), I got the trigger shot to make sure I ovulated, we "timed" everything right, and yet I did not conceive. But I figured it was ok because we had finally found the drug that was going to work for us. I was hopeful that the second cycle would look just as good.

But when I went in, I found that it did not.

I was told that I did not have any mature follicles, nothing above an 8. I was told that the cycle was "a bust". I was told that all I could do was wait for my next cycle to start, and then we would up the dose of femara and try again.

And I was beyond devastated.

But here's where the story gets really good. About 2 weeks later I noticed some signs that indicated that my body might be ovulating. Of course I didn't really believe it was happening, after all, I was told this cycle was a bust. But, we did our part anyway, just in case.

And 2 weeks after that, I saw this:

And this:

And then we saw the same results on about 9 other tests... because after 4 years of secondary infertility, I could not believe my eyes!

I called my RE's office and told them that I had gotten a plus sign. They were surprised, to say the least. But they ordered a blood test for the next day which confirmed what the tests were trying to tell me.

I was incredibly, amazing, miraculously PREGNANT!

I am currently 11 weeks along and everything is looking great! We've seen the Little Bean twice on sonograms, and were able to see the heart beating both times. I have officially been released from my RE to an OB's care. I'm due May 19, 2011.

O Lord, thank You for bringing me here! This is truly the miracle we've been praying for all these years!


KatieKate said...

Graaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!! Woooo hooooo!

Lila said...

Absolutely,incredibly, amazingly AWESOME!!!

the higgins' said...

So, so, so happy for you Grace!!!!

Erin Welch said...

SUCH thrilling news! I am so excited for you, Steve and Nathan and will be praying for a healthy, safe pregnancy and easy delivery. :) Enjoy every moment!!

Kendra said...


Melissa said...

Oh, Grace!!!!! I am crying tears of JOY for you all right now!!!! You all have been through so much, but God is still FAITHFUL in His timing!! I am so happy for you!! We will continue to pray this will be a happy healthy pregnancy and that "Little Bean" will be happy and healthy too! Thank you for all the times you've shared your struggles with us, so we can also share in the great rejoicing that has now come!!

Grace said...

Thanks, gals! We are, of course, beyond excited and so, so thankful for this miracle!

Trev and Rebekah said...

So excited for you and it gives me hope too.

rachel said...

Congratulations Grace! God is great, and greatly to be praised! Can't wait for this spring when that sweet baby will be here!

Vivian said...

I just re-read this post--some time after you wrote it. And I cried all over again--in happiness for you, in thankfulness for this little one, and in thankfulness for a daughter-in-law who recognizes God at work and gives Him the glory.