Monday, July 26, 2010

A day late

And before you all go getting all excited and think I'm talking about something else, let me just say that I am talking about my anniversary.

It was yesterday.

And I didn't do my annual "However many years we've been married number of things I love about my husband" post.

Until today.

So this post is a day late.

And that's all.



And now... in honor of my 12th anniversary yesterday, I want to share with you all:

12 Things I Love About my Husband, Steve

1. I love that he loves me. This may sound really simplistic, but it's so true. I am not always an easy person to love. But he does. Deeply. And I love him for it.

2. I love that he has a real faith in God. It's not just an "on-paper" faith, you know? It's the real deal, even when things fall apart and life gets hard and nothing makes sense kind of faith. And he having that kind of faith helps me to have it too.

3. I love that he is an incredible dad. He adores our son! He delights in him! And when our son grows up... I hope he's just like his dad!

4. I love that he's musical. Music has always been a part of our relationship. We met in a worship band. We sang together on our first date. We've written songs together. And we're still singing together today.

5. I love that he loves his mama! And his dad. And his brothers.

6. I love that he loved my mama, and told her so before she died. He loves my dad and brother and my step-mom and my step-siblings too!

7. I love that he does crazy things to make me laugh and calm me down. You may not know this about Steve... but he is hilarious! I love that he loves to make me laugh!

8. I love that he is a great provider. It's not always easy to "make it" on a single salary, and a minster's salary at that. But we do. He works hard to provide for us, he's good with a budget, and even when times get lean, we always make it just fine.

9. I love that he takes his marriage vows seriously. This man has walked with me through infertility (and he still is!), through breaking both my legs while pregnant, through my mom's death, through cross-country moves. And no matter what life throws at us, we end up stronger on the other side. Because we are committed to each other, and to God. Steve models this to me everyday.

10. I love the way he looks. I'm sorry, but my husband is H-O-T-T!

11. I love that he loves the way I look, even when I don't. He thinks I'm beautiful. And that is something I can't always wrap my head around. But he means it. And it shows.

12. I love that these past 12 years we've been 2 peas in a pod, and I look forward to living life with him for all the years God gives us on this earth.

Steve, I love you. You are my once-in-a-lifetime, for-all-time love. And, as always, as long as you and I are walking hand in hand, we'll be walking side by side! :)

Always Yours,


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