Tuesday, June 01, 2010

First Day of [Summer] School

Today my baby boy started real school. Our district offers a free Summer School program during the month of June, and since Nathan will be entering kindergarten in the fall, he was eligible. And he wanted to go. So we took him.

I walked my little boy across the parking lot... Up to the elementary school building... Down the hall to the kindergarten wing... Into his classroom... Over to his desk... And after a hug, I left him there. At school. All day.

I started to cry before I even left the building.

When I got home, the house was so quiet. I found myself worrying and praying for him all day long. I played June Cleaver and made cookies to have ready for him as an after-school snack. I anxiously awaited the time when I could go pick him up and hear all about his day. And when I arrived at the pick-up area, he was waiting for me with a big smile on his face.
When I asked him how he liked Summer School, he summed it up with one word, "AWESOME!"

I am one relieved mama tonight. And I think it will be just a bit easier to drop him off at Summer School tomorrow.


the higgins' said...

Love it, Grace! I had this last year with my youngest. Summer school helped so much her confidence level when "real school" started! Enjoy your days now!

Erin Welch said...

Your post made *me* want to cry--can you believe he is big enough for school??