Friday, April 16, 2010

Round 2

We found out this week, officially, that the first round of clomid did not work. I am not pregnant, and my monthly friend has not shown up... which means that round one was a bust. Bummer.

But, I have been to the doctor, and I have gotten a wonderful shot in my *ahem* hip, so now we wait. Wait for Cycle Day 1 again so we can start round two. Wait for Cycle Day 15 to get an ultrasound and see if the medication worked. Waiting to see if I ovulate. Waiting to see if I'm pregnant. Even when we're trying... we're waiting.

It can be so maddening.

But God is faithful to me in the wait. He brings peace, and hope, and even joy. He brings my blessings to mind, over and over again, so even in the wait I can be content. He is near to me when I'm on so many medications I don't even feel like myself anymore. He renews my strength when I feel like just giving up, and holds my hand throughout this roller coaster ride called infertility.

He gets it, you know? He gets me. And He cares.

And so the ride begins again.

Bring it on.

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