Friday, February 19, 2010

Disappointed, but not surprised.

Today was the staffing for the baby girl we were being considered for, and though the committee really liked us, they did not select us to parent this precious one. And of course, I'm disappointed, but I'm really not surprised. We were one of 5 families being considered, including the baby's current foster family, so the odds were against us. And, the fact that we are not licensed to foster had an effect I'm sure. We are approved to adopt, but within the state system we just aren't going to rank as highly as those who are also approved to be foster parents.

Yes, we've thought about fostering. But with Nathan being as young as he is, we just can't see having children in our home who may not get to stay with us forever. Nathan prays for a brother or a sister daily... and I don't want to watch hi
m learn to love a sibling and then have to say goodbye.

Honestly, I don't know if I could do that either.

So fostering is not for us, at least not right now. But I am thankful that we have gone through a staffing, because now we know better what to expect next time. And I am thankful that the committee liked us and enjoyed looking at our life book of family pictures and thought we were strong candidates, because maybe they will remember us in the future. And I am thankful that this beautiful baby girl is going to have a forever home.

God has such a plan for her.

And God has such a plan for us!

So really, I'm doing fine with it. Probably 6 months ago I'd be taking it a lot harder than I am today. But so many good things are happening with our new doctor too that there are still plenty of open doors to walk through.

Today, I find myself thankful for what I
have been given:

Sometimes His love is just too overwhelming, you know?

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Erin Welch said...

So sorry, Grace. Hang in there. You have the strongest faith of almost anyone I've ever met! God loves you and so do I. Doesn't matter in the slightest that I haven't seen you in probably 11 years. :)