Sunday, February 14, 2010

Answered prayers

I am thankful that God has been answering some of our prayers here lately. For awhile, it seemed like we were being bombarded on every side and that heaven was silent. But I knew then and I know now that He is there, listening, and that He has a plan that He will accomplish in His time, in His way.

Surgery went well on Friday. I appreciate the prayers. I am doing really good, still a little sore, but overall it has not been bad at all. Of course, I compare everything to breaking both my legs when I was pregnant... and NOTHING could be as bad as that, right? :)

The RE said that everything looks really good for the future. We will see him again in 2 weeks to discuss trying again for a baby. His plan is to do monitored clomid and trigger shot, and he seems very confident that it will work for us. I even said something about "if we get me ovulating" and he immediately said, "Not if... WHEN!" That's always good to hear!

God has also been answering some of our financial concerns. We know that since we do not have IF insurance coverage, a lot of my tests and procedures we'll be paying for ourselves. But, we just found out this week that we are getting a double tax return! It seems we did not get a tax credit last year that we should have, so our accountant went back and is getting us the credit from last year in addition to this year! What a blessing! I think God withheld that refund last year because He knew we would need it this year. We just praise Him for His provision in the most unlikely ways!

This Friday is the staffing for the 6-month-old baby girl we are being considered for. Evidently, there were lots of couples interested in being considered, and they chose 5 to be at the staffing. So just the fact that we are one of the 5 is a huge deal! Please pray for those who will be deciding on Friday which couple will get to adopt baby girl. Of course, we pray that it will be us! But we are praying with open hands, trusting that whatever happens, God's plan will be accomplished for this child. He knows just where she needs to be. And if it's not with us, then we'll accept that.

But if it is with us... well, that would be just AWESOME!


Ordinary Princess Josie said...

So glad to hear things are going well for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Praying with you, my friend.