Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Favorites

We decorated the house for Christmas this past weekend, and I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite Christmas things!

2 Favorite Ornaments This is Steve and I as a couple of hippies! These ornaments were made for us by a dear college friend and given to us as a wedding present. Every year they get a place of honor near the top of the tree.
This was a bookmark given to us by the funeral home after my mom's death. Steve and I made it into an ornament and began hanging it on our Christmas tree each year as a reminder of my mom during Christmas, her favorite time of year.

2 Favorite Nativity Scenes My mom gave me this Precious Moments Nativity set as a Christmas present the last Christmas she was alive. It is very special to me not only because it was a gift from my mom, but also because it helps me remember the One whose birth we celebrate with child-like awe and wonder at Christmas. The cloth it is sitting on is also special to us, as it was given to Steve and I by some Romanian missionaries as a thank-you for leading them in worship during a retreat in Romania.

Steve's parents gave us this Nativity set. It was handmade in Kenya, and my in-laws bought it during the time they were living in Kenya. It helps me remember that we have brothers and sisters all over the world who worship the One True God with us.

2 Favorite Boys These 2 may be goofs, but they have my heart, always and forever!

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