Monday, August 10, 2009

Remembering my Mom

12 years ago today my mom passed away after a long battle with cancer. She was 46 years old.

My mom was truly my best friend. I could talk to her about ANYTHING, and we loved to hang out together. We were very much alike. I had just turned 21 when she died. At times it still seems so unfair that she didn't get to share in so many of my special days. She never saw me walk down the aisle to marry my true love. (Though she was with me when we bought my wedding dress... before Steve had even proposed!) She wasn't sitting in the stands when I graduated college. She didn't get the first phone call when we shared the news that we were expecting, and she wasn't one of the first ones to hold my son... her grandson. There have been so many times over the past 12 years that I had wished she were still here with me.

But I know where she is. And I know who she's with. And I wouldn't wish her back to this world of pain and sin. I still miss her, but I do not grieve as one who has no hope. Because I know I will see her again. Some days I can hardly wait!

Today I am remembering my mom... with a smile on my face. She was an incredible lady. I want to grow up to be just like her!


Dorian said...

Gosh she was beautiful. You have her eyes. And eyebrows. And her generous spirit. I remember going out to dinner with her when she visited you in college. She always let the girls come too, and always bought our nacho appetizer. She was a pretty spiffy lady.

Erin Welch said...

What a beautiful post. You look a lot like your mom! I didn't know her, but I know she is so proud of you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I know in my heart how very proud your mom is of you and your accomplishments as we, her sisters, are so proud of you too. You are so much like Mary, it's uncanny at times. I thought of her all day yesterday. And I admit, I was sad, I miss her so very much too. Much love, Aunt Becki