Sunday, January 04, 2009

God's Faithfulness?

I have a Quiet Time Bible. This Bible is neat because it has quiet times included for different passages. It explains the background of the passage, asks you a little question to get you focused, has you read the passage, asks you questions about what you just read, has application questions, and then encourages you to pray about a certain related topic. I don't use it every time I read the Bible, but I like to use it now and then.

So, last night I was reading the quiet time for Micah 6, which includes one of my life verses, Micah 6:8. And before I could even start to read to passage itself, God hit me with this question:

How has God recently shown you His faithfulness?

And to my shame, nothing came to mind! All I could think about was His perceived Unfaithfulness... in that He has not given me a baby yet. I felt so ashamed that I could not, in that moment, think of a recent example of God's faithfulness to me. Sure, I could think of things in the lives of others, in the lives of family and friends and even my church, but me personally? I was so blinded by way He had "let me down" that I couldn't come up with a thing.

So I stopped reading and started praying, right then and there. I confessed to God my current blindness to His faithfulness. I confessed to God my feelings of bitterness that He has not yet given me my heart's desire for another baby. I confessed to God all the arrogance that goes into thinking that I know what's best for me. And then I asked Him to please remind me of His faithfulness to me. And He did. He reminded me of things that had happened JUST THAT DAY!

Sure, maybe they were little things in the grand scheme of my life... but isn't that where God's faithfulness really becomes apparent to us, in the day-to-day life stuff that happens all the time? Isn't that where God continuously meets us, where He hears us and ministers to us and molds us and uses us? We all crave the mountain-top experiences, where God shows up in a big way and parts the sea or calms the storm. And God still does that. He is with me in the storms, whether He calms them or not. But He reminded me last night that He is also with me when I am walking along the road, or going to WalMart, or caring for a sick child. He proves His faithfulness to me in countless ways every single day, even when I don't even notice. And if He is faithful in the little insignificant details of my daily life... then I know He is faithful in the big stuff too. And I can rest in that.

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