Sunday, November 09, 2008

Got Nog?

On November 1st, my boys celebrated a very important day... at least according to them... the return of egg nog to the store shelves!

Now I personally hate the stuff, but Steve and Nathan love it!


Anonymous said...

Your boys are men after my own heart! I LOVE THIS STUFF - Joel hates it - ooh, and the egg nog shakes. The most satisfying way to add about 10 pounds in a quart of this stuff! Hugs to the boys! Ya-Ya


Lila said...

I'm with you, Gracie...egg nog just doesn't belong anywhere near my choices of beverage...BUT, if you want to head to SONIC for a diet cherry limeade, call me!!!

Anonymous said...

It's already the most wonderful time of the year--egg nog! I love it too! But, I'm trying to at least wait until December to have Jen says, it puts on the pounds!
BTW, I just discovered there is a Sonic in Tracy, so I must be going there in your honor very soon!


Anonymous said...

I too enjoy eggnog, but not the store bought kind. My parents has this friend when I was growing up that made his own, family-friendly eggnog and served it warm. It was the most delicious concoction I have ever tasted. The store bought stuff doesn't taste the same and is awful if you warm it. Happy Nogging!


James W said...

This is awesome, a music minister drinking souther comfort!(eggnog that is hehe)