Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The FIRST first day

A couple of weeks ago, Lila posted about her daughter's LAST first day of school, since this was her senior year of high school. Well, today is Nathan's FIRST first day of school... because my baby started preschool today.

He is so excited to be going to Giggles and Wiggles preschool with his teacher, Ms. Laurie. Ever since we went to the open house last week, he has been asking us each day if he gets to go to school yet. This morning, he was ready to go about 2 hours early! He has some good friends from the church in his class, and I know he'll make some new friends too. I think he will really enjoy preschool this year!


Lila said...

Oh my, Gracie!!! Seems like just yesterday he was at my house with Nike licking him all over his face!!! How fun to have watched him grow this far...thanks for sharing his first day pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you cry too today??? I did as I took Mady to the sitter's house.

Official Observer said...

I remember our first days at school/preschool. Now they are old with children of their own. If you just blink, these years go right on by. Savor the moments. They are so fleeting.