Saturday, August 30, 2008

Moments like these...

We had a busy day around the house today. We did our grocery shopping, and spent a lot of time working outside in our backyard. After dinner, we were just relaxing and watching a little "Beauty and the Beast". Nathan was sitting next to me on the couch, and all of a sudden he scooted really close to me and said, "Mommy, when it gets to the part where the Beast gets mad at Belle's father, I want you to put your arm around me and hold me. Because that part is a little scary, and I just want to know you're there."

So I put my arm around him and we watched the scary part together. He didn't want to turn the movie off, or fast-forward the scary part. He knew he could handle it, as long as he knew I was there with him. And I realized that God does the same thing for us, when we face the scary parts of life. He doesn't always turn the movie off, and He doesn't always fast-forward us through those times. But He sits there with us, and we can scoot close to Him, and He puts His arms around us... just so we can know that He's there. And when He's there, the scary parts don't seem quite as scary, do they?

I love it when my 3-year-old teaches me something new about God!

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Lila said...

That is so true!!! And, it's amazing that the faith Nathan has for you to care for him is enough for him to endure the "scary part". God doesn't take us out of the situation. He takes us through it. I like the idea of the fast forward, too. Great post, Gracie!!!