Monday, July 07, 2008

Vacation Bible School!

Well, it's VBS time again at church, and this year we are traveling to Outrigger Island in Hawaii! Today was Wave 1, and we had a great day! There were just under 100 kids there today, and that number will probably grow as the week goes on. Nathan was so excited about VBS this year, and it sounds like he had a wonderful time! When I picked him up in his classroom, he was sitting in a "canoe" with 2 of his friends just paddling away. Our church really goes all out for VBS, and it shows!

I am doing the music for the worship rally and the preschool music rotation, which I've done for a couple of years now. I love doing music with the kids! Every year, we decorate our rooms to help the kids get into the theme. This year, I'm at "Music Falls", so I had to come up with a waterfall. My assistant teacher, Debbie, her teenage son Matt, and Steve all helped, and here is our end product!

VBS is so much fun!

(for more pictures of the day, go to Polly's blog)


Polly said...

it really is a cool water fall!

James W said...

Looks good guys! You guys Rock!!

Anonymous said...

It really does look like a water fall.
It sounds like I would fit into this place. Our church is having "Famjam" instead of VBS. I like the old names for things. Sunday School, Morning Worship, etc.
Official Observer