Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Son of Ralph?

As many of you know, Steve and our pastor dressed up as Pirate Ralph and Surfer Dude during VBS week. Every morning in opening, Pirate Ralph and Surfer Dude came out and introduced the lesson for the day in a hilarious way! They obviously made a big impression on Nathan. Earlier this week, we had to get him an eye patch and a sword at the dollar store. When we paid for his things, the lady asked him what his pirate name was, and Nathan replied, "Ralph!" She looked at me kind of funny, but I was too busy laughing. Today, Nathan wanted a beard, just like the one Surfer Dude wore, so his daddy made him a cool paper beard. Doesn't he look great?


Anonymous said...

You look really cool in a beard.

Official Observer said...

He is so cute! Keep up the good work with him. You seem to be doing a great job raising him. He is happy, and you are having a blast raising him.