Sunday, July 13, 2008

Have you ever played this?

It's a board game where you try to build trains that connect cities across the United States. Sounds kind of boring, right? Well... it's not! Steve and I were introduced to this game by my step-mom and her family, and let me just say, it is very fun. I seriously think Steve might be addicted. And it doesn't hurt that the first time we played we won... BIG! We're up for a rematch anytime!


Lila said...

I'm GAME!!!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I love to play board games. We will have to play sometime. I am sure you could teach us?

Grace said...

Yes... I'm sure I can teach you... if I knew who you were! ;)

We need to buy this game. Or else invite you all over to my dad and step-mom's house to play theirs!