Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adoption Update

Many of you have asked lately how things are going in our adoption process. First of all, thank you so much for asking. I know that many of you are praying for us, and we appreciate that so much. This has been a whole new experience for us... and your prayers, support, and encouragement have really helped. So thank you!

As of right now, our case worker Susanne has finished writing our home study, and she has passed it on to her supervisor to read. Once she reads it, we will receive a copy in the mail, and we get to read it and make any changes to it that need to be made. If there are names or dates that are wrong, or if there are grammatical errors, we can change those, but we can not change what she says about us or the way that she says it. Once we read it and make any changes, we send it back to Susanne, and she will make whatever changes need to be made. Then we will meet one more time to sign off on the final copy, and it's done! At that point, we will be on the list of people who have been "Home Study Approved", and our profile and family picture (thanks again, Abby!) will be available for birth parents to look at.

And then, we wait. That's going to be the hardest part, I think. We don't know how long we will wait. It could be 2 weeks; it could be 2 years. We could get a call one day that informs us that a baby has just been born, or we could know who we are matched with 5 months before the baby is born. The part of the process where we are actively doing anything is just about over, and now we must wait on God and on His perfect timing. He has led us this far, and I know He will continue to do so.

Please don't stop praying for us, and for God's will in our lives. We are so excited to see what He is going to do! But we know that more waiting might be required... and we'll need your continued prayers as we wait on Him!


Carolyn said...

Grace and Steve,
It is wonderful to hear that you have progressed to this point in your adoption proceedings! I believe that God has a plan for your lives and that you are trusting in His promises. We will continue to hold you in our hearts as you wait for Him to reveal His plan concerning the adoption. You are a wonderful family!

It was so good to see you the other day, Grace. We missed Steve but it was fun to watch your darling boy! Hugs to you all!

Lila said...

Praying as God works in your lives to bring you joy. It's amazing that somewhere there is a little life that will be joining you. And God already has it all planned. His time is perfect, and you will indeed see Him work in your lives as you follow Him.

We love you all!!!
The Wake's