Friday, April 25, 2008


When Steve and I took the senior adult group to Branson earlier this week, we knew we wanted to bring Nathan back a fun souvenir from our trip. We decided to look for a shirt with a guitar on it. We figured this would be an easy task, because we were in Branson after all. BUT, it took us a little while to find the perfect shirt. We found it, though, and Nathan loves it. It has some different animals playing instruments, including a guitar, a tambourine, and a drum. Nathan calls it his "rock star" shirt... though I think these animals are having more of a country jamboree. But he likes it, and so he can call it whatever he wants.

Then C told us that she wanted to get Nathan something too, so after much deliberation we came up with the idea of a cowboy hat. Nathan has some hand-me-down cowboy boots, and he has said to me before that he needs a cowboy hat too. So C picked out a nice, child-sized cowboy hat which Nathan just LOVES. Thanks, C!

Here he is modeling both his cowboy hat and his "rock star" shirt from Branson!


Amanda said...

oh that is so sweet! seriously...nathan must be the most gracious kid i know. i am so impressed with how he LOVES everything. and of course, how his parents are so thoughtful and intentional. you all are the best!!

Nancy said...

"Rock On" Nathan! That is precious