Thursday, April 24, 2008

Home from Branson

Steve and I were the "chaperons" for a senior adult trip to Branson these past couple days. 8 of us from the church went to the Spring Jubilee conference, and we all had a wonderful time! It was so fun hanging out together, and the conference was amazing. We heard some great music (Dottie Rambo, Russ Taft, Gold City), heard some motivating preaching, and laughed our heads off with Mark Lowry. And we spent lots of time shopping, eating, and just getting to know each other better. It was a fantastic time! I hope you can come with us next year!

The gang before we left for Branson. 2 others drove down by themselves and met us there!

Look... I'm drinking from a jar! Cool!

We were tired after an afternoon of shopping.

I had to have a picture of C eating that ice-cream cone!

In adoption news, I got a call from our case worker while we were on our way home from Branson. We have our next home study visit scheduled, for May 8th. And before you ask, no, Steve is NOT done with his questions yet, but she just has to receive it before she comes, so he has 2 weeks to get it done. He thought having a deadline would help him. So, start praying now for our next visit on May 8th, and for Steve as he works hard on those 116 questions!


James W said...

Cool what a nice picture of some of my favorite "old people"! I'm glad you guys had fun.

Lila said...

Praying and celebrating with you!!! Can't wait for a new little Howell to spoil...