Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Breakfast anyone?

Sometimes in our household, we like to do a little something called "Breakfast for Dinner". These nights usually occur either the night before we go grocery shopping or nights when we are too tired or busy to cook a real dinner. But we love it, and it feels like a special occasion to have traditional breakfast foods for dinner.

Sunday night was one of those nights... we were home from church, it was late, we didn't want to cook but we wanted to eat... so we decided on eggs and toast. To make it a bit more fun, I used a cookie cutter to turn Nathan's toast into snowmen! I wish I had taken a picture of his reaction... his mouth dropped open and he said, "Wow... neat!" It was comical, and oh so cute!

After breakfast/dinner, my two boys had full tummies and happy smiles. It really is the little things that matter in the end, isn't it? What "little things" do you like to do to make ordinary evenings seem extra special?


Smurph said...

Fun stuff Grace. I am not the "sugar cookie baking type" at Christmas but I make a mean buttermilk biscuits. As a result of that I surprise the boys with Christmas biscuits a couple of times during the season. We have trees, angels and stars. They get big smiles too.

Polly said...

we have waffles after church on sunday nights. we even started adding pecans to our mix...yummy!