Friday, December 07, 2007


Last night at Bunco, we surprised Joanna with a bridal shower!

It was so much fun to see her face, as she had NO CLUE we were doing it! She opened gifts, and then we all ate... and ate...and ate! We were at Pat's house (her Lincoln Log House, as Nathan calls it!), so you all know the food was great! We had our Christmas gift exchange, where some people tried to discourage others from taking their gift by exclaiming, "Oh, it's so ugly!" when they opened it. And then we had our share and prayer time, an incredible time of prayer and Scripture reading that we have every month. There were many tears being shed as we held hands and prayed for each other around the circle. We never even got around to playing Bunco... but that was OK. It was all the other stuff, the celebrating and the crying... holding hands and praying... sharing food and fellowship and gifts and requests and praises... that is what I really love about this group of ladies.

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