Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Deep Thoughts

Today I was reading the latest post on my friend's blog, and enjoying her take on modern technology and all the fun "toys" that are out there these days. It is truly amazing what is available, and it boggles my mind to think that Nathan is going to grow up surrounded by the kinds of things that my generation (and those before us!) couldn't even imagine!

I'm kinda glad that Nathan isn't into all those things yet. I know those days are coming. But for now, we're enjoying life with a three-year-old. And I wouldn't in a million years trade what we DO have for what we don't.

~We have home-made drum sets and playdoh and lots and lots of Disney movies on VHS.

~We have stick-burning parties and an old chicken coop and great big piles of leaves to jump in.

~We have cozy nights laughing together and making tents and literally singing songs around the piano.

~We have family and friends whom we love so very much, and who love us right back.

We are so blessed.

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