Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mary and Joseph

Tonight the Children's choir at church presented a wonderful musical. All the kids did a great job! Nathan was so excited to play Joseph along with his friend K as Mary.

It was truly humbling to watch these kids presenting the gospel in such a clear, fun way. We got to witness the excitement of the shepherds, the majesty of the angels, and the amazing love that God has for each of us as He welcomes us into His family. Thank you for the message, kids!


Anonymous said...

Children's programs affect so many people on so many levels. The children build memories, parents are so proud, and the Christmas story (Easter story, pilgrms thanksgiving, passover, etc) is so clearly presented in quite a compelling way! My children still remember the programs they participated in as youngsters.

Pastor Jay said...

Your little Joseph as cool as a cucumber. I am glad that he decided not to drum on baby Jesus :-) He really did an amazing job! I couldn't believe how well he stood there and played his part. What a great guy!

Pastor Jay

CHAZ said...

Nathan did such a wonderful job, and he was very serious with playing his part, and I truly believe he understood that he was playing an important part. Great job Nathan!

the dicocco gang said...

oh my goodness... how adorable this whole things is! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!