Monday, October 22, 2007

The Unexpected

This past weekend our church put on an original drama titled "The Unexpected". We started working on this back in July, and the past 2 days saw all our hard work culminate in an amazing stage production! We did three shows, and we saw 11 people accept Jesus Christ as their Savior (that we know of!). But more important than the numbers were the ways this show affected us personally. We saw one of our cast lead a family member of his to Christ, and another cast member saw her boyfriend accept Christ. That's what makes all the hard work worth it! I am so proud of everyone that was involved and am honored and humbled to have been able to be one of the co-directors of this awesome drama! Here are some pictures from last night's show:
Heather witnessing to Ryan in the park.
Heather talking to Stacey about God, but Stacey doesn't have time to listen.
Stacey's mom finds Stacey and her friends unconscious in the living room.
After death and Judgement, Heather and Ryan are reunited in heaven.
Steve in his "nerdery", where he ran sound, played sound effects, and played all the music in the show live.
The Cast and Crew


Nancy said...

It was a great performance and everyone did an awesome job. God has blessed our church greatly.

James W said...

Awesome! If anyone taped the performance send it my way!