Friday, October 19, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We took Nathan to the Pumpkin Patch in Chillicothe yesterday, and we had a blast! Because of the rain the day before, the hay maze and a few other things were closed down, but Nathan really enjoyed what he was able to do. Plus, since the patch had cancelled all their school tours that day in order to get things set up again after the rain, we had the place to ourselves. Nathan saw animals in the petting zoo, giant fish in the pond, he climbed on hay bales, slid down a huge hay slide, drove a peddle tractor, and saw lots of pumpkins! We picked two out to bring home, and we plan to carve them next week. On our way home, we stopped by First Baptist Church there in Chillicothe and visited with the pastor there. Rev. James Morgan was the pastor who baptized me in college, and he did our premarital counseling over 10 years ago! It was nice to see him and get caught up. He also got a drum concert by our very own Nathan! Imagine that! All in all, we had a very fun day!


Polly said...

love it!

LILA said...

I heard all about the "punkin" patch at "Chillicoffee". What fun!!!

the dicocco gang said...

I love it that he is still wearing the hat! It is super cute on him!