Monday, August 13, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation

By Nathan Howell

On my summer vacation we drove to Houston. That's in Texas. We saw some friends. We stayed with Mr. Peter and Ms. Shauna and Baby Allison. They had 2 big dogs who lived outside and liked to jump around when I banged on the window. Their names were Jackson and Quincy. I brought some toys and I played with some of Allison's toys too. And here is a picture of me playing guitar with Peter's flip-flop!
It was very hot in Texas. It rained some too. When it wasn't raining, Daddy took me outside to play in the front yard. Peter and Shauna had lots of cool things to play with in their yard. Here I am playing guitar on a great stick I found!
Even though it was hot, we did some fun things outside. We went swimming at the pool, and we ate at some restaurants. We went out for ice cream and we played in an arcade. We went to church at a big church in Houston. We got to go see Mr. Jimmy and Ms. Diane and Micheal and Jacob. And, we went and played miniature golf. Here I am playing guitar with my mini golf club!
I had a very fun vacation in Houston, but I'm glad to be back home. Now I can play with my "real" guitar again!


Vivian said...

Cute! I sense a not so subtle guitar theme.vivian

LILA said...

Suppose when he starts band in school they will be able to convince him to play anything BUT a guitar? So fun to watch him grow...thanks for sharing, Nathan.