Monday, July 02, 2007

My 2 boys!

Here are Steve and Nathan... eating again. I swear this really isn't all we do. But a couple weeks ago I made a Mississippi Fudge cake (a wonderful concoction involving chocolate cake, chocolate icing, and marshmallow fluff) and I let the boys lick the bowl. Now, before you go all "don't let Nathan eat raw eggs" on me, this was the icing bowl... no eggs involved. Just chocolate, vanilla, and lots of powdered sugar! Anyway, they seemed to enjoy themselves, don't you think?


LILA said...


Anonymous said...

As a child whose granny made wedding cakes as a profession, I can assure that cake batter is a major food group and one that no child should live without experiencing! I can almost smell it now! What a great memory!

Love you all bunches! Janea

Lanny said...

Which one is the REAL child, the one on the right or the one on the left, I can't decide! lol

pianowiz24 said...

Ha, I agree with Lanny on this one!

Whitter Bug said...

Nathan is too cute! :)
My mom said he asks where i am...
Im thinking by the time i get home he will be almost as tall as i am! lol..
hope you all had a great fourth!
love you all