Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fun in a Whale Pool!

Nathan just loves to play in his whale pool. After playing at the Ramsey's one day and seeing how much the kids enjoyed their whale pool, we decided to get Nathan one too. Just about every day he goes out and plays in his whale pool. And when he has friends over, guess where they usually end up? You guessed it... the whale pool! It's been a great toy to have during these hot summer days.


Smurph said...

Looks like everyone is having a "whale" of a good time. Sorry couldn't resist. Love ya'll.

Grams said...

Grace, seeing the pictures of Nathan and friends brings back a lot of fun memories of our girls and friends swimming away the hot July days in their little pool in the back yard. Enjoy those days, they will soon be gone. Love you all, Grams

Lanny said...

Smurf, that was a whopper of a post for you. Guess you stepped out of the box for a brief moment.