Saturday, June 02, 2007

Holding Pattern

I am in one... big time. It's like when you are in an airplane and you have reached your destination, but then the pilot is told that he's not cleared to land for whatever reason, and so you end up just circling. Just waiting. Watching your destination come into view and then watching it fade from view again as the plane turns around and starts another circle.

It can be so frustrating!

But it can also be a time to sit back and enjoy the view.

I remember one time I was flying into SFO in San Francisco. We had to circle the runway for about 40 minutes, and all around me, people were getting upset and impatient. I was anxious to land too, but I was fascinated by the view. I am such a water person, and I was glued to my window as I saw the San Francisco Bay give way to the Pacific Ocean. I counted the boats and barges and tried to figure out which bridge was which. I looked down on Alcatraz and Oakland and the beautiful skyline of San Francisco. I was ready to land, of course, but since that wasn't happening, I made the most of my aerial view of my new home.

So here I sit in another kind of holding pattern. I see my destination. My seat belt is buckled. My luggage is stowed. My tray table and seat back are returned to their upright position. And I'm watching out the window as the airport gets smaller and smaller. I'm circling again. And I feel those natural human feelings of frustration and impatience trying to sneak up on me.

But I am choosing to sit back, enjoy the view, and wait.


Dorian said...

You know, there are those of us that are sitting, waiting at the airport for you to arrive, too. It's hard for us not to get impatient as well. :O)

The Wakes said...

It's amazing how God has things already worked out. What is hard is for us to see His hand and know He is in control. Your landing is scheduled, delayed, and perhaps routed differently than you would have liked it be...but in His time, the clouds will be gone and the sun will break through, and you will arrive at the perfect, God-timed touchdown...Love you, Gracie!!!

Smurph said...

"Funny" how true your analogy really is. Though things are going on in our lives that seem like an endless holding plan we sure wouldn't want to be the one to decide when to land the plane. The "pilot" is in charge of that and you are one person who exhibits a secure peace about that. Enjoy the view around you. Guitars, dwums and blow up swimming pools. I love you Gracie.