Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last night, I went to an IMB Missionary Appointment Service with a number of people from our church. I was very moved by the service. God used the little things to speak to my heart last night. I mean, it was great to see people who are well-known in the Christian community, and the majestic music was amazing! I enjoyed all that very much. But God was present in the little things too... in the missionary who stumbled over his memorized words during his testimony because of his tears; and in the deaf woman who is going alone to the field because she has a job God wants her to do; and in the banners that were marched in during one of those majestic choir songs, the one in the middle, simply bearing the name Jesus, held up higher than the rest... that is how God made Himself known to me. I considered it a privilege to be there and affirm God's call on us all, those going onto the foreign mission field, and those He's called to serve at home.

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Lanny said...

Well said Grace. It is amazing the excuses followers of Jesus give
when called upon to do something for Him. The deaf woman is going;
if ever someone had a reason because of a physical restriction...she would fit the bill. I guess it goes back to what was said in the Charge; God isn't concerned about your ability,
He is concerned about your availability.