Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day used to be a very hard day for me. My mom died almost 10 years ago, and I still miss her. When she first died, I wondered if I would ever feel happy again, or if there would always be this void in my life. Fortunately for me, God knew what I needed and sent me a couple of mother-figures right when I needed them. So this Mother’s Day, I want to honor them for who they are in my life.

The first is my mother-in-law, Vivian. From the very beginning, she was there to stand in the gap after my mother died. My mom even wrote her a letter before she died; expressing her thanks that Vivian would be there to do all those things with me that my mother would not be able to do. Vivian never pushes in, but whenever I need help she is there. When I fell and broke both of my legs 7 months into my pregnancy, Vivian left Kenya and flew home to help us. She had only been there for a month, but she left willingly, because she knew even better than we did how much we needed her. She stayed with us for almost 3 months, and she did everything from cooking and cleaning to being my physical therapy coach and caring for my personal needs. I know it was hard on her, being away from her husband and her new home, staying in our guest room and caring for a wheelchair-bound adult and a newborn baby, but she never complained. I love her very much and am very thankful to God for my “mother-in-love”.

The second woman God brought into my life more recently, but as always, His timing was perfect. My dad remarried in 2005, and I am so thankful for my step-mom, Jennifer. From the very beginning, she was so sensitive to the fact that my brother and I had lost our mother, and she never wanted to try to take her place or erase her memory from our lives. In fact, during their wedding ceremony, Jennifer addressed my brother and me and told us that the home she made with Dad would always be one where the memory of my mother was invited and honored. It can be difficult to gain a new step-mom and step-siblings, but Jennifer and Dad both worked to make it a smooth transition for all of us. Jennifer always makes us feel like part of the family. She is Nana to Nathan, and the fact that she adores him is obvious to all. She makes my dad so happy, and that is the best gift she could ever give to me. But she doesn’t stop there. She is generous, encourages Steve and me in our ministry and our parenting, and is always willing to have us over or to watch Nathan for us when we go out. I am so thankful that God has brought Jennifer into my life. It’s easy to see why my dad loves her so much. I do too.

Happy Mother’s Day, Vivian and Jennifer!
Thank you for being my moms, today and everyday!

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The Wakes said...

You are so blessed!!! God is so good to take care of our every need. I, too, lost my mother before I was 25. She was 50. I felt cheated she wouldn't see my babies born, or watch them grow. I, too, wondered if I could ever be happy again without her smile and laughter. But, God has shown me in many ways why she was taken home to be with Him. And, I am learning every day that EVERY void that comes can be filled by Him and His love for me. Nathan and Steve are very blessed to have such a wonderful woman in their lives. You are one in a million!!! Love you, Gravina!!!