Saturday, May 19, 2007

I need to become like a little child

It's amazing to me that some things that are so scary and intimidating for me come very naturally to my little boy. Today, we went to Burger King for breakfast. Of course, Nathan wanted to play after he was done eating, so we took him into the play area. There were two other boys there, probably about 10 years old, and their mom. So Nathan is playing with them and they are having a good time. He starts talking about drums (no surprise there!), and he mentions that we have drums at our church. Then he says, "Do you go to church?" When the boy said no, Nathan replied with, "Do you want to come to my church with me?" Not a big deal at all to him.

He did the same thing in the store a few weeks ago. Again, he was talking to the lady ringing up our groceries, and again, he was talking about drums. She asked him if he had drums at home, and he said no, but that he had some at church. And then he said, "You want to come to my church sometime?" He didn't even have to think about the right words to say or work up his courage or anything. He invited her because he likes going to church and thought she might like it too.

I think I can learn something from Nathan in this. Maybe I don't have to worry so much about all the hows and whys of witnessing. Maybe I don't need to have a strategy going into it. Maybe I need to love Christ, and love His church, so much that it just comes up in my conversations with others.


Lanny said...

Great lead-up line Nate...get them talking about dwums then ask the next two questions. Next step; ask them if you can ask them 1 question...when they say yes, then tell them there is 5 parts. We'll work on that later.

Mel D in KC said...

Imagine what the world would be like if all Christians could lose the inhibitions that hold our tongues from even mentioning Christ for fear of rejection! We forget the simplicity of how to speak like a child--casual, yet with eternal implications! I could definitely take some lessons too! Children are certainly a blessing, and they teach us so much when we're paying attention! Thanks for sharing!

Dorian said...

Nathan is quite the little evangelist! Maybe he should be the head of the outreach committee, and give them some pointers! ;O)