Thursday, March 15, 2007

You have GOT to read this book. I'm serious. It is the incredible story of Phil Vischer's company VeggieTales; it's rise and fall, and what Phil learned through the experience. Even if you have never watched VeggieTales (though I don't know how you could be a Christian in America today without at least seeing one!), you will enjoy this book. It's written in a very funny, easy-to-read style, even when he's talking about complicated computer-nerd stuff. And the things that God taught Phil through it all, he honestly and openly shares with his readers. I highly recommend it!


raines4 said...

okay, i'll need to borrow your copy though! :)

James W said...

Hey if it has computer-Nerd stuff I am in!

THE WAKE'S said... Nerd the box type I'll wait until the movie comes out, I am easily entertained!