Sunday, March 18, 2007

Little Drummer Boy

OK... so you know my son loves music.
You know he can make a guitar out of a baseball bat or a bubble wand or a cardboard box or a toothbrush.
You know he always wants to play "Casey's drums" at the church. You may even know that he thinks the pots and pans aisle in Sam's is the drum aisle.
Yes, Nathan loves music.
And he can use anything as an instrument.
During one of the Spring-like days last week,
we all thought it would be fun to play outside.
And Nathan did run and jump and play ball...
for a time.
But soon, we witnessed him pulling various toys
over to a stump near our back door.
And when he had everything set up just right,
he started banging on those toys
with a plastic baseball bat and a golf club.
He had made drums.
And he was having the time of his life!


digory said...

he even leaves church and as he is exiting says "i want to play drums mommy!"

Smurph said...

Not many churches can say they have their very own little drummer boy. It will be so amazing to see how God uses Naters amazing talents to further His kingdom. Love ya'll.

Grace said...

I loved how he yelled that just when the whole church was quiet and praying. Oh well.

THE WAKE'S said...

I think it has become MY responsibility to find Nate some dwums...I will begin looking!

p.s. Do you REALLY know hard it was for me to listen to the prayer when I am trying to keep from laughing outloud!

Grace said...

I know! I saw one of our sweet senior saints as I was walking in the gym today, and she told me, "It sure was funny how he wanted to play those drums on Sunday!" I felt like I needed to talk to him on Sunday about the way we act in "big church", but I was having a hard time not laughing while I was doing it!