Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look Who's Talking

Caleb is 15 months old and it's amazing how much he is communicating! Here are the words that he knows how to say and other ways he gets his point across:

BaBa (brother)
Hard K sound (drink)
Cookie (cookies or crackers)
Cook (any other kind of food)
Pees (please)
Tah-too (Thank you)
Dues (shoes)
Uh-huh (along with a head bob for Yes)
Ah-men (Amen)
Ite-der, usually accompanied with a pointing finger (Right there)

He also knows and uses correctly the signs for "More" and "All Done", and he knows some animal sounds. (Snake says Sssss, Cat says Meow in a high voice, every other animal says Eh-eh in a grovely voice) 

The most amazing thing to me is that when you ask him a question, if his answer is "yes", he tells you. He leaves no doubt. So I can ask him things throughout the day and he understands and responds to me! It's incredible how much they learn in just a few short months of life, isn't it?


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Aww you have such cute kids

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