Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Bird Family Drama

Today I opened the garage door to head to the van, and I was surprised to see two baby birds sitting on the driveway between my van and the garage. I assume they had fallen out of their nest and couldn't fly back up. They didn't look scared of me, more resigned to their fate. But in the moment it took for me to recognize what I was seeing, a huge screeching adult Blue Jay swooped past the open garage door, looking ready to peck my eyes out!

I wanted to help the babies, but I had my own baby in my arms, and I had to protect him from Mama Bird, so I quickly shut the garage door and went into the house. We could see the babies from the front door, so we stood and watched them a little. They would stretch their wings out, ruffle them, but nothing would happen. All the while, Mama and Daddy Bird were swooping back and forth, screeching at any real or imagined threat to their babies. I even saw one chase off a squirrel!

After 30 minutes or so, the babies hopped out of my line of sight, but I could still see the parents flying by so I assumed they were close. I felt bad for the Mama and Daddy birds. They couldn't do anything to help their babies except keep watch and chase away predators. They lack the strength and ability to simply pick up their babies and carry them back to the nest. If these babies can't figure out how to fly soon, they are going to die... and the parents will have to just sit there and watch. 

It kinda broke my heart a little.

I know they are "just birds". And to be honest, I don't like that this whole bird family drama is playing out on my driveway, because I have been unable to get to the van to run my errands. But I also know that fierce protectiveness that wells up in me whenever one of my babies faces a threat - whether real or imagined. And I've felt that urge to swoop down on someone and peck at their eyes for daring to hurt my child. I cannot imagine having to sit by and watch your child suffer... maybe even die... and know in your heart that you cannot do anything about it. 

I cannot fathom it.

But God can.

He experienced that first-hand when He watched His own Son die on the cross. He had to turn His back, because of the sin that Jesus willingly took upon Himself. My sin... and yours. Yes, God could have stopped the whole thing, but He didn't because He longed to provide a way for our forgiveness, for our salvation, for our restoration. He gave His one and only Son... because of His love. 

The Bible says that He is mindful of and provides for even the birds of the air, and then He reminds me that I am even more valuable to Him then these birds. He loves me! And He proves His own love for me, in that while I was still a sinner, Christ died for me. I may be as helpless as a baby bird who's fallen out of her nest, but my Father is not only my fierce protector, He's able to lift me up again and carry me to safety. I can trust Him, no matter what!

(Photo credit: leonandsondra.com)


Dorian said...

How odd...we had a little stranded birdie in our yard this afternoon, too. I found him when I was taking the dog out for a pottie break. I noticed him just in time to keep him from becoming a little doggie treat. I haven't seen him since, so I'm hoping he either figured out his wings, or hid under the monster bush in our yard.

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