Sunday, January 01, 2012

My One Word

Well it's a new day, a new week, a new year! January 1, 2012. A fresh start. A clean slate.

Time to make that long list of resolutions, right?

Wrong! At least for me this year!

This year, I'm doing this: One Word. You can check out the link for more information, but basically it's a new way of "making resolutions" that just might work better for someone like me. Instead of making a list of specific changes and goals for the year, you choose one word that becomes your overall theme, your battle-cry, for the upcoming year. Some of my online friends did this last year, and though I was a bit late to that party, I thought it was a great idea and wanted to try it for myself this year.

So, after much thinking and searching and even praying for just the right word for me... my one word for 2012 is:


Even typing it is hard... I can't imagine how difficult (and life-altering) living it will be!

This year, I want to obey God. I want to obey Him in regards to my health. (You can see what that will look like here.) I want to obey Him in regards to how I treat people. I want to obey Him in the things I choose to do, or not do... the place I choose to go, or not go... the words I choose to say, or not say. I want to obey what He tells me in His Word, which means reading it so I know! I want to use my gifts and talents how He wants me to, which means saying "Yes" to His invitations. I want to love and serve people like He does, which means getting rid of selfishness. And I want to know that I am walking with Him no matter what He takes me through.

I won't get it perfectly all the time, I know that. But my goal for 2012 is to obey my Lord.

"And what does the Lord require of you? To live justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8

So, want to join me? What's your one word?

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Anonymous said...

If god hasn't spoken to you personally, then you are unable to obey god.