Thursday, January 26, 2012

First World Problems

My friend Mary, who blogs at Giving Up on Perfect, shared a post the other day about First-World Problems.

Have you heard of this trend? Evidently, it's big right now.

And kinda funny.

But also super sad.

See, all over the world, there are places known as Third-World Countries. And the people who live in these places have problems. Big problems. Real problems.

And then, there are we Americans and others who live in First-World Countries. And for some reason, we think we have problems too. Big problems. Real problems.

But our problems are nothing in comparison.

Yet still, we complain. And worry. A LOT.

And all the while, millions of people around the world would love to have our problems.

Sharing our First World Problems with each other can be funny... in that step-on-your-toes, see-yourself-as-you-really-are kind of way.

For example:

1. Our dryer is broken. It takes more time and more effort to hang the clothes up to dry. The laundry stacks up because you can't do as much at one time. Plus... the clean clothes are not as soft.

2. I don't have a texting plan on my cell phone, so I either have to pay for texts or actually call people.

3. I'm craving chocolate, but we only have white chocolate chips in the cabinet.

4. My bed is so comfortable it's hard to get up in the morning.

5. I keep forgetting to refill the Brita Water pitcher in our fridge so I always have to wait for the water to filter.

6. It seems I am constantly misplacing my Kindle.

7. I hate having to wait until 2:00 pm to get cheap drinks at Sonic.

8. My pediatrician's office couldn't get me a same-day appointment so I had to wait a day.

9. There are so many toys strewn across the floor at any given moment that I'm always in danger of tripping and snapping an ankle.

10. I have 10 Bibles in the house and sometimes go days without reading one.

See what I mean? First World Problems. I hope these made you smile... I hope they made you roll your eyes... and I hope they made you think.

Cause we've really got it good, don't we?


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

We DO have it good. (Although wanting chocolate and not having it really does stink.) I love the way we can poke fun at ourselves to get some perspective. I'm seriously planning to sit Mark down this weekend and make him read some of these posts, because our whole family needs to think about it!

Sarah @ Loved Like the Church said...

I hear ya! I can totally relate to these problems. Especially the pediatrician. I got a nail stuck in my tire and couldn't make it to an appt for my daughter, and had to reschedule for two days later. Ugh.

rachel said...

I second the Sonic problem! The drinks seem so expensive compared to those happy hour prices!

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