Monday, September 27, 2010

Spread a little kindness

This is a true story, a tale of two kindnesses, and how the little things we do for others can make their days brighter.

Today I had to drive about 30 minutes to a lab to get some blood drawn. I had with me the little girl that I babysit. Afterward, we decided to stop at McDonald's and get ourselves a drink for the drive home. It was one of those McDonald's with the two drive-through lanes. So I pulled into the first lane behind a couple cars.

The lady in front of me pulled up to the speaker.


She waited.

I waited.


We probably sat there for a couple minutes (which of course, in drive-through lane time, was like 2 or 3 hours!) and nobody came on to take her order. There was nobody in the other lane, and nobody behind me.

So I backed up and pulled into the other lane. Immediately, a chipper voice came on to take my order.

But instead of ordering, I said, "Actually, there is a lady in the first lane who has been waiting to order for a couple of minutes."

The McDonald's worker apologized, said her headset had not alerted her to that car, and said she would take the lady's order and then take mine.

And so she did.

No big deal.

Well, evidently my helping the lady order and not just jumping ahead of her in line meant a lot to her, because after I had ordered and had pulled up to pay, I was informed by the smiling McDonald's worker that the lady in front of me had paid my bill!

And even though it was only a $2 drink order, the fact that she thanked me by paying my bill meant a lot to me.

Yes, they were little things. But, sometimes it's the little things in life that really speak the loudest, you know?


Leesha said...

coolness! =)

Esther said...

That's one of those awesome stories you hear about on the radio! So very cool that it happened to you. :o)